UDMA represents Ukrainian market potential at the Exhibition and Congress NEOCOM 2013


Exhibition and Congress NEOCOM 2013 will be held on 29 and 30 October 2013 in Dusseldorf. As media partner of the event in the frame of it UDMA arranges a unique Meeting point Ukraine, which will help guests examine market of the country, get to know leading service companies and carry on negotiations.

NEOCOM 2013 is the leading event in the field of distance selling and e-commerce in Germany and all over Europe, which has been held for 16 years. The event consists of the congress and exhibition. More than 100 international speakers and 1,200 participants will take part in congress. The exhibition will cover approximately 300 exhibitors for 5000 visitors. Among the most notable participants are Austrian Post, Deutsche Post, DHL, eBay, TNT, MeinPaket, PayPal, OTTO, Amazon.

Today Ukraine is a promising area for foreign companies. Our market is not saturated with suppliers but has developed infrastructure, predisposed geographical features and consumers interested in high-quality European products.

Moreover, according to E-commerce Association Europe research this year Ukraine is one of TOP-5 the fastest growing markets in Europe with the market growth of 41% for 2012. And this figure continues to grow. One of the causes of this growth is the entry of new major players from Europe and Russia with their experience, turnovers and investments.

As professional association UDMA is interested in a further market volume increase, therefore makes all efforts to create business image of Ukraine. Participation in NEOCOM 2013 is opportunity to present up-to-date and reliable information about Ukrainian market to European companies.

“Comparing competitive unsaturation on the market, Ukraine beats a range of some European countries. However, the negative image that has formed as a result of political situation and economic features obscures the country’s potential as a market for distance selling and in the first place for large cross-border projects. The problem we want to solve in the framework of the exhibition is to provide the most reliable data and analysis and make the information field on Ukraine as a prospective market more positive and transparent ” – said the President of the UDMA Valentin Kalashnyk .

To solve the problem UDMA places a stand «Meeting point Ukraine». Leading service companies of Ukraine will present their advantages to European trading companies and demonstrate the capabilities of entering Ukrainian market. Already confirmed their participation such companies as financial and industrial group “ROSAN”, leading post logistic company that specializes in international delivery,  “SIMPATIK Group”, that launched their service ‘Fulfilment e-commerce’ which is a fully integrated solution in direct sales projects’ development, Marketing Group “OS-Direct”, reliable partner in launching of cross -border projects from Europe to Ukraine  with great experience (Bonprix , YvesRocher, Witt international, ect), leading printing house in Ukraine  “Univest print” , “BeeLURE”, service company, that presents turnkey integrated working model for manufacturing  and trading companies in Europe.

During the exhibition UADM will arrange a number of presentations. Their mission is to provide European experts with objective information about capabilities of Ukraine. In particular, they will present data on the volume and trends of distance selling market, opportunities the country’s infrastructure, consumer portrait, legislative aspects of industry regulation, etc.

Being media partner of NEOCOM 2013 UDMA has opportunity to provide its members, partners and friends with special conditions of participation. If you are interested, please contact directly to the UDMA. Contact person – Julia Pavlenko,  pavlenko@uadm.com.ua, ( 044) 490-90-88.

Details about NEOCOM 2013 on the site: www.neocom.de

Quelle: www.uadm.com.ua

Foto “head”: Gerd Altmann – www.pixelio.de

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