Escher Group awarded Patent for digital mailbox system – System provides users with the capability to have mailings, from multiple sources, consolidated into their user portal and is accessible through the internet or on mobile networks.


Escher Group Holdings plc. (AIM: ESCH, ‘Escher’ or ‘the Group’), the world-leading provider of outsourced, point-of-sale software to the postal industry, has announced that its digital mailbox system has received patent approval from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. With this system, users can be given the capability to have a complete digital record of their transactions from start to finish, including catalogue and delivery information from ecommerce companies and transaction information from companies that bill their customers. In this way, customers may have, at any given time, their purchase details, up-to-date billing and payment histories and other relevant information. In addition, customers also have the ability to make electronic payments directly from the system and to receive offers electronically from suppliers.

Liam Church, Chief Executive of Escher Group said: “Escher Group continues to focus its R&D investment in the postal market and on the changing communication’s landscape. The Digital mailbox is a core component of Escher’s RiposteTrEx™ product, and this patent gives us a level of protection in this rapidly changing environment with many new entrants offering intermediary services to businesses and consumers.”

The patent granted to Escher is U.S. Pat. No. 8,527,284, titled, “System for personal mail piece tracking and tracing from multiple sources by user identifier.” It was filed on Sep. 28. 2001 and the term of the patent is extended by 1089 days. This patent legally protects Escher’s digital mailbox system from patent infringement.


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