Video coding development – More tasks and even less hand sorting


When TNT Post UK implemented offshore video coding, the impact was quick and extremely positive.  The encoding system was fully operational within a fortnight and on completion of the project the volume of hand sorted mail had fallen to deliver significant cost savings.

The system is designed to capture images from letter and flat reject streams and send them via Prime Vision software and servers to a central processing hub in The Netherlands and via the PostNLShore service to Manilla in The Phillipines for video coding.

Even with the impressive early results TNT Post had its sights on even better performance through further system refinement. Prime Vision was therefore commissioned to develop new coding tasks.   A key element of the system upgrade has been the ability to sort to delivery point or letter box level.  The reason for this is two fold.

First it is a critical element in TNT Post’s burgeoning end-to-end delivery service that has just been introduced in London.  Strengthening OCR capability to provide deeper sorting also meets the requirements of TNT Post’s customer, Royal Mail, for the addition of an accurate delivery point suffix.

“The expertise Prime Vision applied to this project has really enhanced its cost-efficiency,” explained Chris O’Malley, Head of Sortation and Network Development at TNT Post UK. “Quite simply, the more information the video coder has to key-in or verify, the greater the cost of operation.  Prime Vision rationalised the whole process, minimising the number of key strokes needed, saving us both time and cost.”

In addition to the address research mode to reduce even further the need for manual action on letters without a postcode, the latest release of MailMatch for TNT Post also includes an international mode.  This will improve the efficiency of sorting international mail and ultimately enable this to be undertaken on a country level.

The first release of the new software was installed last summer and the second, in late October 2012.  Statistical analysis of performance gains is ongoing but TNT Post has confirmed that in addition to meeting the specific need of its strategic developments, hand sorting has benefited from a further significant reduction.


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