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Juli 2013
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DirectSmile Introduces JDF Integration with HP SmartStream Production Center


DirectSmile today announced its new integration with HP SmartStream Production Center, a fully automated solution for print production jobs. The solution was showcased at China Print 2013 and PacPrint 2013 Australia in May.

At China Print, DirectSmile demonstrated how the automated workflow, including clear online status reports, allows users to run cutting-edge cross media campaigns. The venue was crowded with people, more than 160,000 according to the organizers, and they all could watch the HP SmartStream Production Center with six concurrent solutions and witness the performance of the system.

About the integration

Using the DirectSmile integration with HP SmartStream Production Center, print and marketing service providers can produce multi-channel marketing campaigns more easily and efficiently than ever. The new integrated solution uses JDF to seamlessly transfer the DirectSmile variable printing job and its job ticket information to the HP SmartStream Production Center and directly to print. Thanks to the integrated workflow, data is transferred automatically all the way down to print. This means reduced overheads and avoids human errors.

DirectSmile has been a long-term HP SmartStream Solutions partner. The DirectSmile software platform is among the first that features a seamless integration with the HP SmartStream Production Center. This integration will benefit HP customers who are already using DirectSmile software, or considering entering the market for cross media marketing and image personalization.

Roland Schmidt, CEO of DirectSmile APAC says: “A large portion of our installed base run HP Indigo presses so this is excellent news for our customers, especially the many who have rapidly growing volume and require a high-quality production management solution. We’re the world’s leading image personalization and cross media software platform and as such, we constantly work with our customers, partners and distributors to ensure we add features and enhancements to our software that will be of great benefit to our customers. We believe the integration with HP SmartStream Production Center will allow a number of our customers to gain efficiency in production.”

Quelle: www.directsmile.com

Foto “head”: Gerd Altmann –  www.pixelio.de

Pressemitteilung veröffentlicht am 09.07.2013 in News (In- und Ausland), Sonstige Produkte / Services / Dienstleistungen.

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