OpenWorld Integrated Systems are the new automation platforms from Prime Vision.  It underwrites the company’s ethos that future-proof and cost-effective automation can only be achieved when the customer has complete freedom of choice.

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This supremely flexible software package allows any postal organisation to manage processes, interfaces to a wide range of hardware and third-party databases.  Customers can pick and mix the modules that meet their specific needs and those of their markets.

The resultant tailor-made system offers significant time and cost reduction, greater efficiency and enforcement of the customers’ business rules.  Once the components have been selected that provide the range of functionalities required, Prime Vision create the bespoke system that puts the customer in the driver’s seat for ongoing refinement and development.

The foundation element for most systems is image capture of one to six sides of a parcel for OCR, machine vision and image archiving purposes.  This is often complemented by live or batch OCR/ICR or video coding.  The customer may also require 1D or 2D barcode scanning and the inclusion of weighing or dimensioning systems.

Additionally the OpenWorld integrated system may incorporate the control of automated mechanical handling systems such as conveyors, diverts or reject bins.  The printing and application of labelling is another option.  And of course the graphical user interface is tailored to the needs and experience of the customer.

Prime Vision has a wealth of experience in flexible systems’ technology and takes responsibility for the delivery of the tailor-made system from design through deployment and provides lifetime support.

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