Collaborative project on future-proof sorting at Australia Post

When a major multinational professional services company was engaged by Australia Post on an automation troubleshooting project, it sought the help of Prime Competence to identify bottlenecks in the post’s parcel network and to identify the best solution for its future.

PC114 Australia Post -- consultancy enews

Although Prime Competence is a relatively new and independent consultancy it has impressive heritage in this field through its sister company, Prime Vision. Its credentials therefore made Prime Competence the ideal candidate for the Australia Post task.

“We have amassed a wealth of know-how through our work with posts across the globe including Australia Air Express, ECL – New Zealand’s express courier and logistics company – and also several DHL sites in Australia,” explained Richard Hagen of Prime Competence.

He continued:  “Our objective with Australia Post was to consider an improvement strategy spanning the next 18 – 48 months, to extend the economic life of the sorting centres without the requirement for large capital investment.”

The collaborative project was geared towards providing technical improvements to processes such as sorter throughput, coding and internal logistics, and the recommendation of a new automation strategy.

The resultant recommendation demonstrates to Australia Post how it can increase throughput, reduce erroneous handling and give its automation systems the agility to adapt to the changing needs of the market.

Prime Competence is delighted to have worked with such a high profile partner on this project for Australia Post.  Richard Hagen concluded: “It is a great compliment that our expertise is respected at this level.”


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