Escher software turns 20 with zero downtime


Escher Group is celebrating a momentous occasion as its innovative software, Riposte, has been running non-stop for 20 years without ever having any downtime.

As the first enterprise peer-to-peer network for retail in the world, Escher’s Riposte software went live on 27 March 1993, in Ireland’s post office, An Post. Riposte linked remote post offices throughout the country with their central post headquarters; automating the entire branch network and forever changing the way An Post and post offices around the world do business.

Liam Church, Escher Group CEO said, “We are very proud that our software has been running non-stop for 20 years. Today, Escher Group remains at the forefront of digital point of service solutions as we develop new technologies that will continue to change the way governments, businesses and communities interact.”

After two decades, Escher Group’s Riposte software enables An Post to handle millions of transactions weekly across its entire network, not just its branch network. The Riposte platform creates the structure to maintain the postal service’s central and trusted position as an integral part of the community, delivering content in a safe and secure manner.

Since that first deployment in 1993, Escher Group has grown to become the world’s leading point-of-service software provider to the postal industry, with Riposte processing billions of transactions in thirty-five countries worldwide.


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