Postal Process Improvement Approach – Lyngsoe Systems empowers continuous improvement approach for postal operators worldwide

Lyngsoe Systems today announced a range of business process management services designed to identify and eliminate waste in the postal logistics chain.

With declining mail volumes due to the digitization of society, the need for postal operators to continuously improve processes, and so reduce costs and improve services, is an imperative. This is especially the case within the strongly growing but highly competitive parcel business that is being driven by increasing e-commerce.

“Postal operators need a clear focus on eradicating the invisible waste by reducing the impact of ‘poor quality’. These costs will simply disappear if quality issues were addressed,” says Keld Ole Nielsen, Sales and Marketing Director at Lyngsoe Systems. “Typically, total costs related to quality issues can represent around 10–40% of a company’s turnover, so targeting them can offer an extraordinary opportunity to deliver waste reduction and efficiency savings from existing processes.”

Lyngsoe Systems is a leading provider of practical consultancy services to eliminate waste and optimize efficiency in postal logistics. The focus for these improvements will be found in process optimization within postal logistics, which is one of the company’s key competences. Practical consulting, process experience and technology as the improving enablers are all available from Lyngsoe Systems.

“It is important to understand the difference between practical consulting and a typically generalist management consultancy,” says Keld Ole Nielsen. “Practical consulting is based on having postal know-how and developing a solid business case through close dialogue with the customer, which is then facilitated by implementing best-practice process and measurement methods.”

For example, Lyngsoe Systems can provide full overview profiles of arrival, departure and punctuality of transport movements at sorting or distributions centres. The company can deliver an automated and 100% accurate registration of the movements of all vehicles carrying mail – enabling the causes of delays to be identified – and use data analysis to identify areas of the logistics flow for improvement. This is practical consulting in-work.

“We have been implementing LEAN improvement tools and methods with postal operators worldwide for over 40 years,” says Keld Ole Nielsen. “We can improve operations by mobilizing all kinds of technical process streamlining tools, including automated logistics systems. In particular, our extensive deployment of RFID within the postal sector supports our goal of making processes razor sharp.”

The company’s in-depth knowledge of postal processes has been gained from working with some 55 postal operators worldwide, and delivering comprehensive logistics optimization solutions for more than four decades. The Lyngsoe Systems group has a high level of expertise so as to ensure delivery of world-class logistics improvements.


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