Trade Mission in Kazakhstan

On February 6-8th, in the city of Almaty will host IV traditional business Forum devoted to the development of distance selling market “Trade Mission in Kazakhstan” (Europe-Kazakhstan-Asia), organized by the national postal operator “Kazpost”. Regional partner of the event is Ukrainian Direct Marketing Association, the organizer of the “Trade Mission in Ukraine”.

E-Commerce is rather young for Kazakhstan promising market segment, which includes electronic shopping and payment systems. With the development of Internet distance selling has become one of the fastest growing areas of the world trade. Considering features of Kazakhstan as a potential market for the development of distance selling, today more and more European and Russian companies admit that they plan to start business here. Kazakhstan became a “cherry on the cake” for e-commerce of and traditional catalogue trade market because of several reasons:

First, Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world by land area, its territory of 2,7 million square kilometers is larger than Western Europe. Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of January 1, 2012 – 16,67 million people that is 62nd largest population in the world, though its population density is less than 6 people per square kilometer (184th place in the list of countries by population density), while GDP per capita is $13,9 thousand. Vast areas of the country, low population density, disconnection of industry and agriculture centers and remoteness from world markets, make distance selling market in Kazakhstan very promising. Minister of Communications and Information reports that the annual turnover of e-commerce market in Kazakhstan is $ 300 million and this is just the beginning. By 2014, the e-commerce market to grow to $ 1,2 billion. All the more as progressive policies of government, the growth of Internet penetration in the country, and the development of logistic, warehousing and payment infrastructure.

Second, favorable geographical position of Kazakhstan, between Europe and Asia, provides a unique opportunity for implementation of interregional transit agreements. According to international analytic centers, transit flows “South-East and East Asia – Europe” are estimated at $330-400 billion. The government estimated that up to 20% of transit traffic will pass through the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan due to its geopolitical position at the convergence of international transport corridors, having developed transport and communications network, has all the prerequisites to become a major logistical connection between Europe and Asia.

Third, in 2011 Kazakhstan became a member of the Customs Union with Russia and Belarus, which provides a single customs territory, within which customs and other economic restrictions do not apply across mutual trade of goods. The territory of the combined market is 20 million km², with a population of 169,3 million people and GDP PPP of $2,732 trillion. Thus, the market of Kazakhstan can be used as a window into the markets of Russia and Belarus.

Taking into account growing interest of foreign companies in the market of Kazakhstan national postal operator “Kazpost” holds a special event “Trade Mission in Kazakhstan” (Europe-Kazakhstan-Asia), in which will be presented opportunities of Kazakhstan as a market for distance selling business as windows in The Common Economic Space of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus as a optimum transit route for cargo shipments from Asia to Europe.

Date and place: February 7-8, 2013 at the Rahat Palace Hotel ( and ski resort “Shymbulak”, located in a picturesque valley Zailiysky Alatau, 25 km. from the city center Almaty.

Format of the event: Reasonable combination of business and pleasure. Informative reports from practitioners of the market, minimum theory, maximum communication and exchange of practical experience. And active leisure – skiing on the ski resort “Shymbulak”. Trade Mission’s participants will have the opportunity to conduct individual work meetings to expand and establish business relationships between companies.

To receive information about cost of participation and other org. questions, please contact regional partner of event Ukrainian Direct Marketing Association by phone (38044) 490 90 88 or


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