Prime Vision announces exevutive for its consultancy & competences division – Effective January 1st 2013, Richard Hagen will lead Prime Competence

Prime Vision, a leading developer of recognition-based technology and postal systems integrator, announced today further investment in its dedicated consultancy division for the postal and logistics industry: Prime

Richard Hagen is moving to the new division with responsibility to spearhead the next phase of growth in terms of business development and services offered.

Prime Competence, which has already completed several projects in its inaugural year, will be run independently from the rest of the organization and operate out of dedicated offices in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, offering clients access to unique expertise and resources in the fields of postal automation, operations and revenue protection programs.

Eddy Thans, CEO Prime Vision, commented that the demand from clients for consultancy and competencies in the postal market has increased substantially in the past year due to trends in the market coupled with an increased focus at the company.  “We have an enviable understanding of the postal business and operational processes coupled with automation and technological expertise that deliver insight and cost-saving potential for postal operators.  Postal organizations are responding to changing market conditions with new investments to cut costs and offer new, value-added services to their customers; the work of Prime Competence starts with a strategic situation review and together with our team and partners provide valuable unbiased direction and insight to those investment and cost-saving choices”.

In addition to postal processes and automation, Prime Competence offers technological expertise in vision and speech based recognition and other identification techniques which is proving particularly beneficial to postal operators that have slimmed-down their own in-house teams.  Eddy Thans adds, “Prime Competence will start 2013 with a network of fifteen postal experts in fields such as strategy, technical, finance and operations.  Access to unbiased independent postal and technology experts means you can essentially hire competencies by the hour that can be utilized for strategic reviews and especially independent help with preparing or reviewing technical tenders”.

Richard, aged 43, has a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Haarlem Business School in addition to specialty programs in Logistics, Materials and Supply-Chain Management and has a wealth of experience in the postal arena having led business development and sales activities at Prime Vision since joining the group in 2003.


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