NetDespatch powered CollectPlus reaches 10 million parcel milestone

CollectPlus, the modern alternative to the Post Office and powered by the  innovative NetDespatch internet platform, has announced that it has delivered  its 10 millionth parcel since its foundation in 2009.

In their half  year figures, CollectPlus reported actual revenue growth of 170 percent, to  £3.7million, with parcel transactions more than doubling to 3.3 million. The  impressive announcement follows strong interim results from its co-parent  company, PayPoint, and comes as the business increases its operating run rate to  seven million parcels per year.

NetDespatch connects retailers,  mail order companies and manufacturers to their postal and parcel carriers using  advanced web-based software and services. For CollectPlus, NetDespatch  integrates PayPoint terminals in local convenience stores with carrier tracking  systems for managing in-store parcel returns and collections.

Mark  Lewis, CEO of CollectPlus, says: “CollectPlus’ growth continues at a strong rate  as more shoppers and retailers take advantage of the convenience and flexibility  of our business and products. It is clear we have created a series of products  that reflect the needs of the UK consumer today.”

Reaching the 10  millionth parcel is a major milestone for CollectPlus, which recently added  Amazon to the list of retailers to offer Click&Collect+ delivery to store  services.  Now exceeding 5,000 outlets, an increase of over 10 percent in  the past year, CollectPlus provides customers with a network that is almost half  of the size of the Post Office’s estate.

“Working with NetDespatch  has allowed CollectPlus to expand rapidly with no technological barriers and we  are very proud to see them reach this milestone. Using our advanced web-based  systems and services, CollectPlus has broken new ground in parcel collection,  delivery and returns services and we expect them to continue to do so for years  to come,” says NetDespatch CEO, Becky  Clark.


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