Best-of-Breed Hardware

Prime Vision is now able to provide all the necessary hardware for integration with its modular software products to create flexible automation systems.  Unlike other providers however, the company has no fixed allegiances to bias its judgement.  Prime Vision is truly hardware independent so it is able to select the best products based on budget and performance requirements.

This approach has also resulted in Prime Vision gaining wide experience in working with the majority of hardware manufacturers.  For example, it regularly co-operates with five different camera systems suppliers.  This means customers have the assurance that Prime Vision can initiate a speedy and efficient solution with their preferred vendor.

Prime Vision is happy to work with any OEM and materials handling integrator.  This open approach allows the company to develop islands of automation within an established system or process to achieve higher productivity.  These solutions are generally task-specific such as the complete identification or recognition of a product, mail piece or parcel.

It can source any hardware product for the application.  Typically however the resultant system would include in-line camera imaging systems, tunnels, bar code readers, in-motion dimensioning and weighing systems, printing, labelling and coding stations for non-automated process flows.  Prime Vision is also a server and IT infrastructure partner of both Dell and Hewlett Packard.

As Prime Vision is a strong advocate of open interfaces between hardware and software devices according to CEN standards, its fully integrated systems can also be continuously improved and upgraded to suit changing business needs.


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