Region of interest finder to boost OCR productivity

Determining the correct region-of-interest on a letter, flat or parcel is critical to the accuracy and overall performance of OCR.  And this is where Prime Vision’s latest generation of FIND-IT region-of-interest finder really comes into its own as one of the most powerful ROI finders on the market.

FIND-IT is now available as a modular component that integrates seamlessly into the company’s ParcelMatch and MailMatch OCR platforms.  Neural network technology allows it to be trained for specific label or parcel characteristics and for multiple strategies; it can be programmed to spot barcodes, logos or keywords or as a label identification tool.

If address details are not found automatically, processing time and costs rise exponentially.  The rejected mail item becomes subject to manual processing, an outcome that posts are striving to minimise in order to contain costs, particularly where high volumes are involved.

For parcel applications in particular, automatically finding the region-of-interest is a complex task.  The total image size may be up to 1m square and of course the parcel is multi faceted.  It may also carry a number of labels and other conflicting information to prevent the OCR doing its job.

Prime Vision’s FIND-IT has been designed to select the correct region-of-interest for the OCR engine to process.  It also works across multiple surfaces.  So on a box for example, it can spot which of its six sides carries the all-important address data.  Integrating FIND-IT is a quick and easy way to the best return on OCR.


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